Online Shopping Program

Through our website, merchants advertise and sell their goods, manage customer data, and track orders and shipments, and customers shop and pay for products and services. We do not buy, hold, or sell any inventory. Our system escrows payment for merchandise until a customer indicates that their order was satisfactorily fulfilled. Merchants set the price of their products and services offered, included within their selling price is our service fee and money for our points and reward program.

We charge a 5% service fee of the retail price for all transactions conducted through our website. The manufacturer/distributor receives the “wholesale price” once a transaction is complete with part of purchase price covering shipping and handling fees. We pool about 30% of the transaction amount for our sweepstakes and incentive programs that return a portion of purchase price to consumers as they continue to use our site. We retain the balance of the transaction amount (in addition to the service fee) as gross profit.

Our website is built on the latest e-commerce technologies:

  • A front-end web application built on Microsoft ASP.NET technology, including the most advanced .NET 4.0 framework.

o Support for Memberships, User Profiles, Security, and Encryption.

o Integrated performance enhancement, database, XML, and RSS.

o Support for real-time authentication, authorization and validation.

  • Shopping cart built on Microsoft ASP.NET technology using C# libraries with .NET user profiles, LINQ, and SQL Server database.
  • Transaction engine built on Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET 4.0 technology with support for parallel computing and load balancing for enhanced efficient real-time transaction performances.
  • Secured order handling via https, authentication, authorization, and transaction logging.
  • Vendor interface web platform that enables vendors to share and route information through different departments, execute business transactions, and obtain real-time reports.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Scalability: the system is designed to support very large numbers of concurrent transactions based on its .NET 4.0 parallel computing, load balancing, and SQL Server Enterprise capabilities, and grow well ahead of the transaction volume curve.
  • Lucky Drawing sweepstakes: the daily sweepstakes are conducted on the web platform by means of application features that promote user awareness, create program documentation, drive promotions, perform record reconciliations, and generate reporting and acknowledgment.
  • Bonus point incentive program: the system’s knowledge management module and a content management module are designed to support this and other incentive programs based on corporate strategic planning and marketing schedules.
  • Interface with banking and financial partners: the system fully integrates with our financial institution partners.

Our website provides both merchants and customers with complete financial, identity, authenticity, and delivery security. We hold payment for products ordered until the consumer confirms receipt and verifies the quality of the products received. Security is ensured by means of a multifactor account password and authentication system, multiple password-protected login protocols, and dynamic passwords, digital certificates and other authentication mechanisms. The transaction security system further guarantees that both buyers and sellers are certified and registered on file in order to ensure the true identity of the parties. Each transaction is subject to verification by industry-leading proprietary monitoring algorithms to detect and eliminate fraudulent activity.

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