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Company Overview
Consumer Capital Group Inc, or CCGN, intends to become a leading Fintech company that focuses on complete financial advisory services for micro, small-to-medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) in China. We are primarily engaged in two core businesses: microfinancing and financial advisory service. We operate our direct microfinancing business through our subsidiary, Arki E-Commerce, and our VIE, Arki Network, and our financial advisory service through Arki Network’s wholly-owned subsidiary Yin Hang.
With the increased difficulty of obtaining sufficient financing through traditional channels by SMEs, we offer SMEs alternative financing means through risk-controlled private lending to meet their capital needs and develop their business.
We also offer advisory and risk assessment services to both lenders and borrowers to help increase the efficiency of loan origination by financial institutions. It is our belief that the growth of SMEs will become an important factor of China’s economic growth in the next decade.
We believe that our expertise in financial advisory service and ability to streamline microfinancing process will place our company in a unique position to take advantage of complimentary Fintech opportunities within the Chinese SME Financial marketplace.

CCGN: Microfinancing
CCGN is engaged in both microfinancing business and financial innovation through our subsidiary, Arki E-Commerce and VIE, Arki Network, to provide direct loans to SMEs and sole proprietors based in Liaoning Province. Through Arki Network’s collaboration with China UnionPay Merchant Service (Liaoning) Co. Ltd (“UnionPay Liaoning”), Arki E-Commerce provides private loans for borrowers and Arki Network and UnionPay act as intermediary to facilitate the loan transactions for a 2% service fee. Arki E-Commerce’s practice of microfinancing has been limited to certain businesses and sole proprietors pre-screened and recommended by UnionPay Liaoning based on historical sales volume generated through credit card transactions using UnionPay’s system.

CCGN: Loan Assessment & Financial Advisory Service
Through Arki Network’s wholly-owned subsidiary Yin Hang, we offer financial consulting services such as loan origination criteria checkup, risk assessment and loan monitoring to SMEs and financial institutions in China. Acquired by Arki Network in December of 2016, Yin Hang began its operation in 2013 and has developed its own big data risk assessment system to provide credit rating and risk management solutions to borrowers and financial institutions to facilitate loan origination process and reduce default risks for all parties involved in a particular lending transaction. Based on the loan transactions, the service fee is typically between 15-24% of the loan amount, to be covered by the borrowers.

CCGN: Recent Business Developments
File and Submission of Form S-1 40 Million USD Registered Offering – May 2017
Completion of Due Diligence Report – June 2017
Completion of Corporate Governance Charters & Platform – June 2017
Engagement of a U.S.-based Auditor
Filing of the Nasdaq Application – July 2017

CCGN: Q3/Q4 2017 Business Focus
Nasdaq Approval.
Complete 40 Mil USD Registered Offering.
Implementation of CCGN Fintech Strategic Plan.
Develop and Implement Fintech Acquisition Program: South East Asia
Hire Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer.
Develop Vertical Integration Plan for Fintech targeted acquisitions.
Develop Intellectual Property portfolio through academia.

CCGN: Fintech Strategic Plan
The Acquisition Argument

How can market participants – both banks and attackers – best adapt themselves to the competition? The prime requirement is to keep an eagle eye on key pioneering developments. Which of them could radically alter the current environment? Which could perhaps even help improve current processes? Proactive market surveillance is essential. But competition is also dynamic between the Fintechs themselves. Not every startup will succeed with its idea on the market long term. In this competitive situation banks and attackers should define for themselves whether and with whom alliances could be advisable. This could for example be within the framework of a joint venture or a partnership in providing a service. From a bank’s perspective, a so-called acqui-hire could also be worthwhile – i.e., taking over a Fintech to get access to the skills and competences of its key employees. A further avenue of cooperation is via corporate venture funds and incubators.

The Future of Chinese Fintech
In the coming years, China looks set to continue to dominate the global FinTech industry with a very strong domestic market. Internally, the push and pull factors are clearly in place to catalyse the establishment of a leading digital finance sector. On the push side, capital investment is pouring in and the market is being bolstered by substantial government support for innovation. On the pull side, demand is being driven by underserved SMEs and tech-savvy, often unbanked, consumers keen to access financial services via their mobile phones.
Overseas, Chinese FinTech firms will also play an increasingly important role in the global collaborations driving technological innovation. What these companies learn abroad, they will bring back to the domestic market, further fuelling the sector to stay ahead of the rest of the world.

Key Influencers: China
Lucy Peng, CEO of Ant Financial
A former school teacher, Peng leads the financial arm of Chinese ecommerce titan Alibaba Ant Financial operates a money market fund, peer-to-peer lending, and microloans, while also investing in start-ups.
Wei Hopeman, Managing Partner at Arbor Ventures
Prior to establishing Arbor Ventures, Hopeman formerly served as the Head of Asia for Citi Ventures and managed the private equity practice at Winnington Capital. An advocate for women in the fintech and start-up sector, she was previously the Vice Chairman of Women in Leadership in China.
Hai Yin, CEO of ZhongAn Insurance
Zhong An was the first insurance company in China to sell policies and handle claims online. It now sells insurance policies to vendors on Taobao, and Hai says the company will experiment with using data generated online to assess and control risk.

Key Influencers: Hong Kong
Janos Barberis, CEO of FinTech Hong Kong
FinTech Hong Kong is a web platform that connects 619 influencers, mentors, and enthusiasts in the city, along with dozens of startups and events. Barberis founded the SuperCharger, an accelerator backed by Chinese search giant Baidu and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Steve Monaghan, Limited Partner and True Global Ventures
Monaghan specializes in the creation of business models exploiting market asymmetries to create new businesses. He has a proven track record in Asia’s financial world, including retail banking, consumer finance, and corporate and investment banking. In addition to his role at True Global Ventures, Steve is the regional director accountable for group innovation at AIA.
Mikaal Abdullah, CEO of 8 Securities
Abdullah co-founded 8Securities, Asia’s first socially networked trading portal based in Hong Kong. He writes about start-ups, digital marketing and UX for several Asia technology blogs and is a mentor at Chinaccelerator and Startups HK.
George Harrap, CEO of Bitspark
Bitspark pioneered the worlds first cash in cash out remittances via Bitcoin. Harrap is a blockchain evangelist, speaker, and guest writer on tech blogs.
Simon Loong, CEO of WeLab
WeLab operates in both Hong Kong and mainland China as a peer-to-peer lending platform. A former commercial banker with 15 years’ experience at Citibank and Standard Chartered, Loong aims to offer alternatives to borrowers who struggle to obtain funds from lenders that use traditional risk-checking tools.
Sam Allen, CEO of CompareAsiaGroup
CompareAsiaGroup operates a comparison platform for financial, telco, and utility products across Asia. Prior to CompareAsiaGroup, Allen spent nine years as director in KKR’s portfolio operations team and a member of the Asia Leadership Team.

CCGN: Fintech Framework
CCGN is currently conducting due diligence
CCGN is in the process of identifying accretive acquisition targets.
CCGN – financial modelling
CCGN – Evaluate Q3 strategy

Fintech Acquisition Target: SME Lenders
Automated, end-to-end platform small business lending technology – from application to servicing with real time portfolio monitoring
Compelling technology platform is designed for speed, scale, efficiency and enhanced risk management capabilities
A sophisticated community bank has become both a customer/licensee and strategic equity investor, with a seat on the board
Seeking a financial partner to invest $4-5 million in capital for continued platform development, marketing and working capital.
Average time from application to origination is less than 20 minutes per loan cycle.
Compelling economic model with no credit risk and no customer acquisition risk.
>$500 billion dollar market opportunity domestically / > $1 trillion opportunity globally to power and enable online lending for banks and lenders
Experienced management team with senior experience at leading fintech companies in the U.S.

Fintech Acquisition Target: Blockchain
Blockchain Intelligence Group is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As a developer of Blockchain technology solutions, search and data analytics, BIG’s proprietary platform will globally target Governments, Law Enforcement and the Fintech sector.

Fintech Acquisition Target:
Online Payment Processing

Company is into B2B and B2C space for the services of Banking, non-banking and eCommerce.
- Banking: act as middle person for B2B and B2C payments, insurance, investment, etc and have tie ups with SBI, Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra.
- Non-Banking: Mobile recharge, DTH recharges, wallet service, etc.
- ECommerce: tie up with merchant for selling their products through us.
Founder has decades of experience in different industries.
Company has a patent for its technology.
Products & Services Overview
- Banking service ( B2B and B2C payments, insurance, etc )
- Non-Banking Services ( DTH recharge, wallet balance )
- eCommerce platform ( for selling vendors products )

Fintech Acquisition Target:
SME Loan Assessment

Business Overview
Fintech platform connecting business owners and Financial Institutions.
Total number of business listed: 3,600 businesses.
Partnership with over 22 Financial Institutions to provide secured and unsecured credit facilities to businesses.
Exclusive portal to solve the pain-points of businesses to avail loan facilities from the formal banking channel.
Founded by promoters with over 30 years combined experience in the financial domain.
Value of transaction processed through our platform last year: Rs. 25 crore.
Products & Services Overview
End-to-end services to SME to avail the following:
Secured Business Loans.
Unsecured Loans.
Working Capital Loans.
Card Swipe Loan facilities.

Fintech Acquisition Target:
SME Loan Evaluation Software

Business Overview
Have 90% of clients from US ( repeat customers ) for our IT services.
We support technical assistance in US and UK work hours as well.
Number of big financial companies in US taking our service.
We have also developed a new product for Automatic assessment of personal and business loan applications.

Products & Services Overview
Software development.
Website development.
Mobile apps.
Automatic assessment of personal and business loan applications. Turnaround time of less than a second. Facility of predicting loan surrogacy. Even support designing, domain acquisition and content for the customers.

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