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Consumer Capital Group Inc, or CCGN, intends to become a leading Fintech company that focuses on complete financial advisory services for micro, small-to-medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) in China. We are primarily engaged in two core businesses: microfinancing and financial advisory service. We operate our direct microfinancing business through our subsidiary, Arki E-Commerce, and our VIE, Arki Network, and our financial advisory service through Arki Network’s wholly-owned subsidiary Yin Hang.
With the increased difficulty of obtaining sufficient financing through traditional channels by SMEs, we offer SMEs alternative financing means through risk-controlled private lending to meet their capital needs and develop their business.

We also offer advisory and risk assessment services to both lenders and borrowers to help increase the efficiency of loan origination by financial institutions. It is our belief that the growth of SMEs will become an important factor of China’s economic growth in the next decade.
We believe that our expertise in financial advisory service and ability to streamline microfinancing process will place our company in a unique position to take advantage of complimentary Fintech opportunities within the Chinese SME Financial marketplace.

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